Saturday, September 2, 2023 Starting Up!

History time! We've been thinking about introducing a different name to our online selling presence. There are 2 things we do, well, maybe more than just 2, but our biggest selling "strategies" is to 1) make it easy for us and 2) make it better for our buyers. 

We've been making it easy for us by utilizing Etsy's lesser known "pattern" shop service in addition to our regular Etsy shop at; basically it's still Etsy, but they flip your listings and layout around to make it "feel" like you have your own stand alone website but it's a program that Etsy seems to have pretty much let go without putting any effort to update how it works. Everyone wants the best cotton yarn for instance for the cheapest price and while we keep our prices pretty competitive we do have to pay Etsy to sell in their mega shop with all the other sellers, which is fine and they do a fine job advertising for us. Like everything though, advertising comes with a price and it's a pretty high price so thinking outside the box, led us to see if we can make this weird and forgotten Etsy thing they call "Pattern" to work not only for us, but for our buyers. Since there truly isn't much to get a "pattern" shop up and running other than $15 per month, we figured we give it a try and while we were at it we bought the domain name so when you type that in a browser, it directed you to our Etsy "pattern" shop.

So, fast forward to YOU, the potential buyer. You want great stuff, fast and at a good price! With the pricing structure of Etsy "pattern" location, we crunched some numbers and figured out we could help not only some of our fellow Etsy shop owners get better deals on raw materials, but the everyday knitters, felters, crocheters, tatters, and tiny crochet thread users along with avid notion collector, crochet hook and knitting needle collectors by offering a 10% refund when they buy through which we linked to this Etsy service that isn't going to cost us as much to use. 

This was working out great, BUT there was one major flaw! The confusion between and which was a real bummer when someone thought they would get 10% back but shopped at regular Etsy where we just really can't afford to do the 10% since essentially Etsy gets it in the form of advertising fees we pay them.

We were thinking about it for a while and finally put a new name into action starting September 2023 with the introduction of which we are hoping will lessen the confusion! At the time of writing this, I am working on changing over all of the printed material and as Dave likes to say "putting the pink dots on everything". 

Both sites, and will go directly to Etsy's "pattern" location which technically is under the URL and hopefully there will be less confusion at After this last sentence, I'm sure you are feeling confused as were many people outside the inner workings of Etsyland. 

So alas, is the NEW way to get to our shop where we do the 10% refunds :)

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